Our distinguished panel of judges here will be responsible for picking the most creative winner! 

Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer is an Australian comedian, media personality and Public Speaker. 

"Australia’s best-known mathematician, Adam is the author of 5 bestselling popular mathematics books and is currently the Ambassador or Mathematics and Science at the University of Sydney". 

He has supported the National Literacy and Numeracy Week by being a surprise visiting mathematics teacher. Lurnea High School was the winning school for his guest teaching spot in 2004.

A former World Champion debater Adam looks forward to vigorous discussions in the judges' room.

Anita Hill

Anita Hill

 Dr Anita Hill is the Executive Director of Future Industries at CSIRO which includes Manufacturing, Health and Biosecurity, and CSIRO Services.

Dr Hill's research is in materials and process engineering and, more specifically, in the transport of atoms, ions and small molecules in condensed matter. 

Her data has been pivotal to the development of theory and design rules for membrane performance.

Dr Hill is also an Office of the Chief Executive (OCE) Science Leader with CSIRO, and a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Sciences (ATSE)

We welcome Dr Anita Hill to the judging panel and be the voice of reason between the two Adams.

Adam Ferrier

Adam Ferrier

Adam combines his background of psychology wiht love of creativity to help develop ideas and campaigns for some of Australia's most loved brands.

His thinking was captured in his first book 'The Advertising Effect: how to change behaivour' (Oxford, 2014).

Adam is also  creator of the board game 'The Analyst', and sits on the board of social influencing company Tribe, and social giving company 'Good Thnx'.  

With Adam's abundance of creativity, he will be a natural authority and overanalysing each drawing's interpretation!

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